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Twenty- year old Paul Harris is no stranger to the "from rags to riches story". While not yet at the riches, the youth advocate has risen from humble beginnings in Spanish Town Jamaica, to travel to at least 4 continents, including Europe and South America, representing Jamaica on official visits.

The 4th year UTech Jamaica student continues to offer selfless service to his community and country. As Founder and Executive Director of International Youth Foundation; IYF, Paul is currently implementing the Substance Abuse Prevention Programme which aims to improve life-skills and development assets of 300 adolescents (ages 12-14) at risk in 20 secondary schools in the Corporate Area and St. Catherine Forty university students and youth advocates will be trained to facilitate these interactive sessions over a 12 -week period with the objective of enhancing participants' life-skills and knowledge on the consequences of drug use. In a recent visit to China, Paul was intrigued by China’s popular application known as WeChat (Chinese version of Whatsapp) which allows residents to purchase whatever good or service they so desire with or without money by simply scanning a barcode with your cell phone. It was surprising to him to see that even small “corna shops” accommodated the use of this application. As such, he is even more convinced that Byzmarsol has much to offer!

"without a marketing plan; a company will inevitably fail".

Every business has encountered problems, not every business has seen them solved. Here at Byzmarsol, the team is committed to finding the answers to many questions. As the power of the internet continues to grow and the online platform becomes a mainstay, BYZMARSOL aims to help businesses shine brightly in a dim world. This marketing tool aims to encourage businesses to see websites as assets. BYZMARSOL is aimed at helping small and medium sized companies to achieve their marketing goals, by the creation or re-designing of attractive, responsive, informative and compelling websites. Sadly, the true and enormous potential of the internet is relatively unknown. Too many companies have attractive offerings but these are under the radar. BYZMARSOL is here to bridge the gap between brand awareness and the market’s attention with the main objective of converting audience into actual customers. Currently, BYZMARSOL boasts having the lowest start up plan for, among other things, website designing/ redesigning and content management, free marketing consultation, free hosting backed by an effective and friendly 24/7 technical support team.


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Byzmarsol is not just a website company. It builds, transforms with modern innovative marketing tools and training at no cost to existing clients.

Building a lucrative enterprise out of nothing to achieve sustainable wealth with aim of retiring at the age of thirty-six

Conrad Guthrie is a philanthropic entrepreneur and a proud member of Junior Chamber International – JCI (A worldwide federation of young leaders and entrepreneurs  Born in Hanover, Jamaica. His sharpened skills and knowledge developed over the past seventeen (17) years has given him the ability to make a positive impact on society and is personal growth.

Conrad is from a humble family of seven (7) which faced many challenges in his younger years that lead to unfortunate circumstances such as poor attendance during primary school and not completing high school. Searching for the opportunity of making life better, he lived at more than three (3) homes of persons who promised a better life and opportunity of attending school. Later he found out that life and promises are not always what other persons illustrate.

Conrad developed a business mind from age thirteen (13), and at age twenty-three (23), he started his first business that was registered with Companies Office of Jamaica and the Ministry of Education as “Emit Sales Institution” which offered short-term training in sales techniques. That business was shut down after a year because of loss of partnership and inadequate resources. However, his journey continued as invested in over four (4) network and multi-level marketing companies with the aim of achieving wealth.

Due to lack of qualifications, he went unemployed for about four (4) years. During those years, he depended solely on his family for support. Although he submitted numerous employment applications, none were favored despite the many interviews. In all that time, Conrad invested hundreds of hours in watching YouTube videos and reading countless online articles, including participating online surveys and webinars on graphic designs, video and audio editing, website design, content management, hosting, internet marketing, social media management, and brand marketing.

At the age of twenty-nine, he was employed to Abacus for Communities as building maintenance manager. This employment lasted for a year when he resigned for a better opportunity as a marketing manager for a technology/website design company. This he called “Fortunate”. Despite other applications with way more qualifications, he was favored for employment. His negativity was that he got the job because of fewer qualifications which meant more demand and manipulation by management, but deep down, he knew he passed that interview because of maturity, reasoning ability and the skill to communicate well. This opportunity was also made possible because of experience he gained as a result of attending the Jehovah’s Witnesses Ministry School which taught him many skills as a professional public speaker and Bible student. He kept that employment until he resigned at age thirty-one to venture into his own business full-time.

In addition to his many skills, he developed the skills of social entrepreneurship and the basics of establishing and managing a business as a member of the Junior Chamber International. In earlier years, he gained over four (4) years’ experience in sales and promotion while been employed to a mobile company where he was entrusted with the position of branch manager after two (2) years.

In giving back to his community, at the age of twenty-six (26), he established the Community Youth Network in Hanover which focused on establishing a network of all youth groups under one umbrella. After re-branding, restructuring and refocusing, the movement is now called The Conrad Guthrie Foundation with its main objective to train 2,250 young people in sales and marketing techniques for community youth development. This training is available only to youth-based organizations at no cost.

Between the year of 2015 and 2016, Conrad got married to Jenelle Clarke who gave birth to a son by the name Saleem Queshaun Guthrie. He now depends solely on his full-time internet marketing business called Business Marketing Solutions that go with marketing brand name “BYZMARSOL”. He has been successful thus far with clients in Kingston, St. Catherine, St. Elizabeth, St. James, and New York, and LA, USA. His aim is to somewhat control the internet marketing industry in Jamaica and then focus on other Caribbean countries. Currently, he has employed one person full-time in sales and customer support. As of August 2017, Paul Harris came on board as a business partner as Marketing Manager.

His aim in all of this is to retire at the age of thirty-six (36) to spend more time with his family and to further his work in the ministry as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. He considered himself to be an ordinary person with the aim of financial freedom and wealth.